Feminine wash and personal care Guide

Feminine wash and personal care Guide

Vaginal discharge is a typical condition among ladies, bringing on inconveniences because of its symptoms, for example, terrible scents, staining of undergarments and irritation or itching sensations. It is to note that vaginal discharges don’t demonstrate that you are experiencing an infection and in most cases can be corrected with simple treatment.

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The vagina in itself a self-cleaning organ, is inhabited with good bacteria example Lactobacillus which helps in maintain the pH at 3.5-4 and produce lactic acid which prevents the overgrowth of bad bacteria i.e helps prevent infection. The main reasons for itches and odour is imbalance caused in the natural vaginal bacteria and pH. Therefore, an adequate amount of good bacteria (normal vaginal flora) is needed to maintain the acidity of the vagina, which is what important maintain your body’s ability to fight and prevent infections in that region.

Some women prefers to use thedouching process to clean their vaginal canal which is not recommended. Unfortunately, while cleaning, the force of water can sometimes move the infectious bacteria further up in the vaginal canal and also into the uterus and actually cause infections to spread.

To avoid itches in the vagina it is recommended to use vaginal wash regularly as per directions. Intimate wash keeps the pH level balanced and protects the vagina from bad odour and infections and inflammations. A harsh cleanser or soap used regularly in general may dry the skin of the vulvar area and actually cause discomfort.

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Feminine wash products are a very popular choice among women for keeping their nether regions feeling fresh, odour free and clean. Feminine wash comes pre-mixed, as a combination of vinegar, water, baking soda, and iodine. There has been a debate that they kill normal bacteria but not all formulations of feminine wash are the same, with some being much stronger than others and some mild in their ability to kill bacteria.

It is advised not to use feminine washes everyday but rather only a few times a week. The mild formulations of feminine washes without phthalates are useful to keep your nether regions clean and itch free.

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Feminine wash pH:

pH Diagram to provide you idea of pH and acidity levels image source

Feminine wash are specially made to keep the vag in ideal pH level. The vag itself keeps the acidity or pH in range of 3.5 to 4.5 with some bacterial help. The feminine wash helps to keep this pH level and also avoids bad odour.


Feminine Wash good or bad:

We recommend using feminine wash as it have proven to be a good personal care product and many women are using it. Every vital organ needs to be treated differently. As you can not use the same soap you are using for oily skin to treat your Oily Hair and scalp condition. Specially designed products are way better than using general products and this case feminine wash are specially designed considering the vital vag and private parts of female body. It is always recommended to use feminine or vaginal wash over normal soaps as these are providing more accurate and specified cleansing conditions.

We can enlist few pros of feminine wash:

  1. Balanced pH levels
  2. Avoids bad odour
  3. Avoids Itchiness and discomfort
  4. Avoids Infections
  5. Kills bad bacteria

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Feminine wash side effects:

Honestly there are no side effects of vaginal wash. We have tested many with following use of directions provided on products. Side effects are seen in everything which is used in a wring way or in excess. Feminine wash has some rules to follow. we have detailed guide on HOW TO USE FEMININE WASH here. Basically if you are using the product by following direction of use then there are no worries though we would recommend to avoid using it daily. Also do not do douching as it can increase the spread of infection if you have any.