About Us

Hello, ladies here is a feminine wash guide for all the beginners and others who are confused regarding feminine hygiene. I struggled to get the basic info in the beginning years and thus decided to create a useful source.  The intention was very clear while starting this resourceful blog to spread awareness about feminine hygiene and cleanliness.

You might have been in this situation lately or will be where you don’t know

what is a feminine wash?

Is it good to use or not?

How one can take care of feminine parts and keep them clean and neat?

How can you avoid getting cyst kind of problems with hygiene?

I have been through this and found there are very simple ways to keep yourself clean and healthy and would love to share them with you.

The sole purpose of this blog is to give women a detailed insight into the Feminine wash, Tampons, Menstrual Cups and other products related to feminine care.

I have personally tested many of these products and thus writing detailed reviews and guidelines.

Please feel free to connect with me if you have any doubt, problem, a query regarding feminine hygiene.


We are inspired by the work of:

Nawal is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist practitioner who writes and shares her personal experiences with fellow ladies. The general purpose of this is to educate as many females as possible towards the feminine hygiene.