Best Tampons Reviews for (Beginners/Swimmers) 2021

Finding the Best Tampons at the beginner level is really confusing and time-consuming if it’s your first time. Women, no matter where they are from, all have to face some level of discomfort at least once a month when they are going through their menstrual cycle. It used to be very difficult for a lot of women to go through their daily activities during that time of the month earlier. But with a lot of new technology coming to the fore in the industry of tampons and other personal hygiene products for women, some very good brands of tampons have risen up in popularity. Nowadays, there are tons of options available in the market for the different needs of different women because no two women are alike and their specifications and requirements are also very different. The following are some of the most popular brands of tampons and their reviews.

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Best Tampons For Swimming

  1. Playtex Sports Tampons with Flex-Fit Technology

Playtex Sport best Tampons with Flex-Fit Technology, Regular and Super Multi-Pack, Unscented

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The sport tampons are really becoming more and more popular by the day. Playtex is a brand that has been quite reputable and trusted in this industry and has been around for a long time now. Their flex fit technology is very popular among athletes and sportswomen because it allows them to go through their training and other sporting events without causing any trouble at all. This particular tampon pack has both regular and super absorbency kinds so it is perfect for usage for everyone. In fact, the super absorbency can be used in the beginning and can be later switched to regular as and when required. Overall, the Playtex sports tampons are a great product for athletes and such.

  1. Tampax Pearl Super Plus Absorbency


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The super plus absorbency gives you the flexibility of being very active throughout the day no matter where you are. The Tampax pearl plastic tampons with super plus absorbency come in quite handy when there is an event that you can’t skip and yet it is that uncomfortable time of the month where all you want to do is lie in bed all day. These tampons make it really easy for you to go on with your day as though everything is normal and nothing causes you any kind of hindrance to your routine at all. So if you are looking for a tampon that will protect you from any kind of worry or unwanted accidents, then this is the perfect purchase for you without a doubt.

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  1. Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons


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The Playtex brand has several ranges of tampons meant for different needs of different women. This particular set of tampons is especially useful to women who require tampons of heavy absorbency. Even for women who know they are going to spend a lot of time outdoors or at the workplace or young women going to school and college and want to feel secure, these tampons are the best choice because not only are they super comfortable to use, but also have no leakage problems at all. So you can go through the day without having to worry about any untoward incidents at all.  These tampons have triple layer protection and are unscented. There are 36 tampons in each of these packs so you can easily order in bulk.

  1. Playtex Sport Tampons with Flex-Fit Technology


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As the name itself suggests, the Platex sport tampons are for, well, sporty women who don’t want to stop their training once in a month just because of something so natural and inevitable. The design of these tampons is such that they avoid leakage even though you are moving which is great for athletes and other sports women who are always on the lookout for the perfect tampon to aid them in their outdoor activities. There are fifty unscented tampons in one pack of this product and in their own words, the flex fit technology saves you from unexpected leakages while running or playing basketball or any other sport activity. So this is a must buy for all those women athletes who are looking for the perfect tampon for their needs.

Best Tampons for Heavy Periods

  1. U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons

u-by-kotex-click-compact-best-tampons-regular-absorbency-unscented-34-countbuy amazon

The U by Kotex Click compact tampons are a premium product design with utmost care and precision. They come with an easy-to-read user manual that explains the entire process in some simple steps. Even looks-wise, these tampons are pretty and attractive. These particular tampons are of regular absorbency so they are pretty good enough for most people although various other types like light and heavy are also available from this brand. The applicator is easy to use and there is no leakage whatsoever. So these are perfect for any big days where you might be worried about any untoward incident but these can come pretty handy in such situations. These best tampons are also affordable and sustainable.

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  1. Tampax Radiant Plastic Unscented Tampons

best tampax-radiant-plastic-unscented-tampons-regular-absorbency-16-count

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Tampax is a pretty popular brand as far as tampon manufacturing is concerned and they have a wide variety of products on their shelves. From heavy absorbency to light and regular, they have different products for different needs of women. This particular tampon is for regular absorbency. According to the manufacturers, you can rely on this product for eight hours without any worry at all. Which is great because that is almost an entire workday. So one doesn’t have to worry about overnight or going through the day with any kind of discomfort and the back of their heads. All in all, this is a great product that comes with the 16 best tampons in each of the packs.

  1. Tampax Pearl Active Light Absorbency Tampons

tampax-pearl-active-light-absorbency-unscented-best-tampons-18-countbuy amazon

The Tampax Pearl Active tampons are a great companion for anyone who is looking for a light but the effective product just to be safe. These are light absorbency ones so they can’t really be used if that doesn’t suit you but their unique braided string design definitely prevents any leakages. Tampax is a popular brand and has a wide range of products. This one range is effective and also affordable. These are unscented tampons and there is a total of eighteen tampons in each pack of this product. Since their size is pretty portable they can be easily carried anywhere for safety and otherwise. Tampax is a trusted brand that has been in the industry for a long time and their products are of high quality and durable. This product is no different and is a must-buy.

Best Tampons for Beginners

  1. O.b. Pro Comfort Applicator Free Digital Tampons


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So as the name suggests, these tampons were actually designed by a female gynecologist who has hands-on experience on the different kinds of needs of different women. So as the design goes, these are perfect and have very good functionality. The quality of the product itself is also premium and since these are made of cotton, they are comfortable and safe and also best to use. Another good thing about these tampons is that you don’t need an applicator to use them. This means that not only is there less waste now but also the process can be sped up and simplified. One pack contains 40 tampons which is a good number for bulk storage. Overall, these are very good tampons that should be tried by anyone who is looking for comfort and yet also efficiency.

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  1. ORGANYC Hypoallergenic 100% Organic Cotton Internal Tampons


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This is basically the age of everything organic. Almost every product of our daily usage has an organic version available in the market. And tampons are not far behind. Organic products do have their benefits. They are easier on the environment and also do not contain any toxins that may cause harm on excessive usage. The Oganyc Hypoallergenic best tampons fall into the category of the organic products that are also affordable and usable. The hypoallergenic quality also saves you from a lot of trouble since that is one less thing to worry about once a month. All in all, these are great tampons that come in packs of 16 each.

  1. U by Kotex Security Best Tampons

u-by-kotex-security-best-tampons-super-plus-unscented-50-countbuy amazon

This brand has been around for quite a while now and it is a reputable and trusted brand. The u by Kotex tampons are manufactured keeping in mind the high standards of the brand in mind. The quality is premium and the product itself is reliable and easy to use. There are fifty tampons in this particular pack so it is a good purchase if you are not the kind that wants to go shopping for them every now and then. Despite the seemingly small size, these tampons can be quite handy in times of need. They are soft and easy to insert and if you are looking for an affordable product that is also reliable at the same time, then the U by Kotex best tampons are definitely should be the go to tampons for you.

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