How to Make Your VAG Smell Good


Every girl at some point of her life has wondered about the mysterious ‘vagina’. There is a plethora of information floating around the interwebs about how to keep your ‘vag’ clean and healthy and how to make it taste better for the guys ‘going down’ on you. In all fairness, how your vagina taste is less about being appealing to a guy and more about making a polite effort for your romantic partner.

Be Aware of the causes of vaginal smell

To know what unhealthy vaginas smell and taste like you first need to know what a healthy vagina smells like. A healthy vagina has a metallic taste almost sour because of the acidic pH.

Vaginas smell and taste the way they do for a number of reasons- the natural sweaty smells, the smell of whatever washing liquid you use to wash down under, the pH balance, the time around your menstrual cycles, the amount of good bacteria present and the general hygiene you maintain in your nether regions.

Vaginas change the smell for a number of reasons. One of the most important reason is infections. If the vagina has urine-like or fishy odour your alarm bells should go off as it could be an indication of an infection. Infections like Gonorrhea and chlamydia do not cause odour while severe yeast infections can cause smell like rising-dough. In case of severe odour you should consult your gynaecologist to find the reason behind it.

Sex can change the way you smell down there as well. Sexual practices like anal sex or allowing semen can lead to influx of foreign bacteria into your vaginal area creating an imbalance in your natural vaginal flora.

Here are a few ways that we suggest to maintain the health of your nether regions.

Wash regularly

Many of us turn to douching and using other washes or deodorants to get rid of the smells. However, as science suggests that might not exactly be a good idea. Using douche can lead to loss of healthy bacteria which can actually make you more prone to infections. Use of deodorants can cause and increase the existing irritation and the chemicals in them can cause pH imbalance.

This raises the question of how to keep your vagina clean and healthy smelling. The most important thing to remember is to keep a good hygiene-clean your honeypot daily, use soap or external best feminine wash preferably unscented, change your underwear daily and preferably use cotton, avoid using scented pads and tampons during your menstrual cycles and change them within 6-8 hours. This helps combat the built up of ‘bad’ bacteria and fight of infections. Once you are done washing wipe your vaginal area with a soft cotton or muslin cloth. Remember the direction in which you wipe will also affect the risk of infection. So always wipe in ‘front-to-back’ direction.

Another way to maintain cleanliness down there is to trim/shave the pubic hair regularly. Excessive hair can harbour bacteria if not cleaned regularly. A good idea is to keep it cut short; but remember that the stubble can also cause itchiness and invite infections in a different way.

What you eat matters-and not just for your weight!

The smell of your vagina is also influenced by the food you consume. Alcohol, coffee, garlic, broccoli, red meat among other things change the taste and odour of your ‘vag’ for the worse. These changes are usually temporary and the smell will return to normal once the body processed them in couple of days. The good news is you don’t have to stop eating! Consuming foods like Pineapple, Kiwi, and mango will make your vagina taste like tropical fruits. Avoid eating foods containing more sugar, it can cause yeast built up and lead to infections. Eating good bacteria- by this I mean eating yogurt with active bacteria like Lactobacillus which are naturally found around your vulva will help replenish the lost bacteria and restore healthy pH.

Restore the pH

pH of your vaginal area is an important factor that gives it the metallic sour taste and ward of infectious bacteria. Using scented soaps, deodorants and perfumes, douching, extremely hot baths are few reasons that can upset the pH balance. So here are a few ways you can restore the balance. Apart from eating probiotics one can take a warm bath with couple cups of apple cider vinegar to restore the pH which needs to be maintained between4-5. Some people even apply dabs of Greek yogurt around the vulva but I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

Most important thing to remember is to love your body the way it is and if a guy wants to have sex with you he’s probably comfortable with whatever you smell there or at least he will not be bothered



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