How to use feminine wash

Here is a proper guide for you on “How to use feminine wash ?” Or “How To wash your vag ? “. Personal hygiene and personal care are the topics which are less discussed in public and have always been kept ‘Personal’, thus, we are less aware of very common things like:

What should we use down there ? and
How should we use ?
What is good ?
What is Bad ?

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While I was suffering from few problems with vag like Bad Odor, Yeast infection and few others, I found there is no detailed guide which can tell us how we should clean our Vag. Finally, I tried many things and decided to write about it myself to help others who are suffering from same. Girls, you must have faced the condition when you try to smell your vag and, Ohhh almighty !! It smells disgusting. You can barely tolerate that smell, How is your partner  supposed to survive with it ?

You will say
“I don’t even know If I can wash my vag with soap ”
“I don’t know, What should I do ?”
“Oh wait Bi**H, I have tried to keep it safe and smell good but, nothing works”
“Soap or Feminine wash which is better and how to use it ?”

Girls, here is the answer on How to wash your vag with feminine wash and keep it healthy, fresh, not only odor free but smell fresh and last but not least infection free.

The first question which pops in your mind is ‘Do I really need a special soap/Feminine wash?’ The answer is ‘Yes, Yes and Yes’. Firstly, the pH of the vagina is different and your nether regions are host to a large amount of good bacteria which help protect it from infections by maintaining the pH. Feminine washes are specially designed to maintain this pH balance and not harm the bacteria that inhabit the vaginal area. You can see my Best feminine wash reviews here.

Let’s see Step by Step how we can use a feminine wash to keep vag odor free and healthy:

1 First, take a generous amount of feminine wash on your hands or cloth or a sponge and lather it up.

2 The key in choosing a good feminine was is to make sure it is not heavily scented as it can alter the pH balance

3 The next thing that you need to know is the inner vag actually cleans itself naturally and interfering with inner vag or inner canal can cause irritation.

4 You should only apply the sponge around the outer visible area of your vag

5 Do not apply unnecessary pressure which can cause soap or liquid to go inside inner canal

6 As you are aware the outer vag has some folds- try to clean them with gentle hands in circular motion

7 Make sure you are covering the entire area around vag and inner area of the clitoris till bikini lines

8 You should also apply the feminine wash until the end of your nether regions in the back.

9 Once you are done washing you can rinse the entire region with water thoroughly

10 You should wash your vag this way daily also after intercourse and if possible before too. You can also wash your vag with feminine wash after each use of toilet but use a more gentle feminine wash.

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This is the best way you can wash your vag it hurting it. No need to rub it repeatedly and no need to douche. Remember Douching is harmful and not recommended. While choosing feminine wash, choose one which, is more gentle and has fewer chemicals or you can choose from Best feminine wash list here.

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